Our Biggest Project

So…going back a few months, and Im talking mid August here, we decided our next project in our little riverside house to be tackled was the kitchen. By September I had packed precious things into boxes and moved everything else into our dining room so the work could begin. As you can see, the kitchen is covered in a horrendous lemon meringue style artex – I guess at some point someone thought it looked fabulous!!
The plasterers came in and worked their magic (oh the joy of smooooooth walls!!) and we started to take apart the damaged and old units. Our idea was to reuse the original solid oak doors and update them with fresh paint and new handles and make the units solid and secure…thrifty eh?!

Jumping forward a few weeks to early December and after alot of hard work our kitchen is complete! Mellow sage cupboards and chalk white walls make the room look much more spacious, and the wall tiles which were a bit of a splurge (and from Italy) and the slate floor tiles bring the look together.

A new shelf with wrought iron brackets is a great place for my favourite cook books and shabby chic decor!

Little hearts find their way into all sorts of places!

I would really like to thank my folks and my dear partner for all the help they gave in creating this beautiful little room – anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy cooking and baking delicious things and now I have a gorgeous place to do it in!!

Our little house has been a work in progress since we bought it 3 years ago, its over 125 years old and there has been a heap of decorating disasters to overcome! Our next major project is our lounge/dining room which we will begin next year…its time to kick back now and enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends now the hard work is over!

This isn’t an art related post as such, but I wanted to share what we did with you here. I feel that this blog is evolving quite organically to encompass other areas of my life where creativity spills over – be it kitchen makeovers or fresh batches of deliciously decorated cupcakes, inspired inspiration doesn’t just belong to paint and canvas, it appears marvellously in the ordinary areas of our lives and I think its wonderful to be able to put that stuff out there.

Sending you spiced, heart warming mugs of mulled wine and fresh mince pies…come on, its Christmas time and you know you want to!

J x


2 thoughts on “Our Biggest Project

  1. oh congratulations dear joools dearheart… this is magical, i love the look of your house – and wow, my dear, 125 years old, there is some magic and stories and wonder in that house…love you!big hugs!

  2. Thank you sweet soul, I often think that myself..do you ever go into a house and sense a really good feeling? I wonder what energies the walls hold…what stories they could tell? Our house was one of those that resonated with warmth, so happy we are giving it some loving kindness and restoring it to a beautiful little home!J x

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