Slowly & Surely

I wanted to introduce you to someone Im working with alot right now – shes this little character that is emerging and shes alot to do with my daughter – Im totally inspired by her as a little person and it felt natural to incorporate some of her natural innocence into my art.

This is a sweet but short post, I have lots to do and not alot of time…suffice to say, there is something big on the cards, Im pulling out all the stops and Im not quitting until Im 1000% satisfied with what Im doing…sound mysterious? I suppose it does, but forgive me for not sharing just yet – I want to be sure Im doing the right thing and once it feels right, I’ll probably write about what Im up to here.

The little one, my tiny muse is waking up – time to go and play Mum again…back to the drawing board tonight.

With love xxx


2 thoughts on “Slowly & Surely

  1. She’s an angel, you should do a book.Louise is just batty enough to write one for you.Your neighbourJim

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