Spring Posies

My evenings of late have been spent with my wool stash and crochet hook, creating these little corsages. What started out as an idle way to pass an hour or so (without having to think too much about anything in particular) led to a bit of a minor obsession.

I am to be found making excuses to visit much loved wool emporiums whenever the chance arises, losing myself for several hours in colours and textures that leave me in raptures! I know mere mortals will think I am beyond help, but fellow crafters and crocheters will nod in a deeply understanding manner.

I feel all this might be because March is upon us, and spring is busily springing up all over the garden whch has led to this burst of inspiration, this veritable love affair with crocheted little buds and posies. I am at the moment swooning over Rowan colour charts as I contemplate a blanket…oh yes, Im serious about this!! Anyway, you can find these little bunches of colourful deliciousness currently in my etsy shop!

Its a nice departure from painting, to have a crafting side from which to create as well. This Friday I am hoping to begin a new painting which I will share with you along the way – its one of the paintings Im hoping will be picked for the show, so Im keen to get started with it.

Im also keen for a break, a change of scenery! Its known to do one good isnt it, so Ive decided,I need a trip to the seaside soon, the kind of day trip that involves fish and chips, icecream and walks on gusty beaches…its been too long. Perhaps I shall bring it up in conversation this evening, there is only so much inland dwelling I can stand before I have to have my fix!

Im also searching for a picnic basket, the traditional wicker kind to take on these excursions, full of delightful old napkins, plastic plates and tasty treats – we have a toddler so the nice china stuff will have to wait ’til she has grown out of crashing absent mindedly across the picnic blanket and demolishing the perfect ‘Country Living’ scene 🙂

So much to do….but what lovely things they are indeed!


5 thoughts on “Spring Posies

  1. Great photos especially the last one, they are all so pretty. A day at the beach sounds like bliss and oh how lovely a wicker picnic basket with all the goodies in would be… you’ve got me thinking now lol. xxx

  2. Hi. I just discovered your blog through an old thread on art forums and had to leave a note to say what a gorgeous visual feast it is – I could just eat all the colours and textures. I shall add you to my blog reader! 😀

  3. What a talented person! The flowers are so sweet. I love the painting of the little girl with the bird on her head, absolutely gorgeous! Will keep looking.Isabelle x

  4. I really love your crochet work, I am also very fond of Lucy’s blog. Unfortunately have not yet learned to crochet, but i do knit rather a lot.I like your blog so much am going to add it to my listmany thanksSumea

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