Here I am (waving hello!)

(Here I am, with my little shop at the Candy Floss Summer Fair!)
Hello there!

Huge apologies, I disappeared without a trace for a while – an impromtu blog holiday (yes, another one) – suffice to say, lots happening (as usual) and I will reveal all now!

Anyway, at last, I can tell you about my day at the Candy Floss Summer Fair, which was well over a week ago now. I spent the few days running up to the big day working hard getting everything ready, last thing on the friday night I was raiding our loose change jar as Id totally forgotten about my float (oops!)

Saturday morning dawned and I was really excited, its been a long while since I did anything like this so I was looking forward to it. I got to the Millenium Galleries early on and set up my stall, other stall holders arrived and there was a really good atmosphere. By ten o’clock the doors were open and the public streamed in – within the first hour I made my first sale (isn’t that a great feeling?) and the day went very well for me, I enjoyed talking to people and playing shop all day and was delighted to sell quite a fair amount of stuff, my boxes of Beachside Art cards were a favourite and Id sold out by noon!

Phew, what a whirlwind day it was indeed!

Since that hectic weekend, Ive been busy working on new stuff, spending time with family and dealing with a nasty stomach bug – thanks to all of you who stopped by with messages etc, I will be making some time to visit your blogs this week I hope!

This is short and sweet as Im still rather weary from the bug thing – but before I go, I have some rather exciting news to share with you – I was recently contacted by a Literary Agency which specialises in representing childrens book writers and illustrators and I was invited to meet up for a chat. I am over the moon happy to tell you that the meeting went very well and I am in the process of sending some prints of my work to them, which will be making their way to some publishing houses in London very soon. Its the most exciting opportunity, and I’ll keep you posted as the journey unfolds.

I hope you are all well, looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

Sending love,

J x


17 thoughts on “Here I am (waving hello!)

  1. Fingers crossed for the prints you sent away… how exciting! I suppose it will be hard not to think about it too much now, but just to let things take their course. Good luck.

  2. sounds like a great day, glad it went well. Congratulations too for your Literacy Agency chat,hope something good comes from it!! Great picture! x

  3. Thats really exciting!! I always thought you'd make a fab illustrator of childrens books. Sorry I didnt get to see you at the fair. We'll get to meet up one day i'm sure! xxxx

  4. Dear Julia, I am so happy that you are OK and hope that you get over that nasty stomach bug. Congratulations regarding illustrating childrens books talks. It all sounds rather exciting! From your illustrations I am surprised that you don't already illustrate childrens books! Take care I look forward to hearing/seeing more updates! x

  5. Hi Julia,It was nice to see your stall and talk to you at Candyfloss. You are lovely – good to hear that your daughter had been helping you on the day. Great work!! Good luck with it all :DSee you soon.Louisex

  6. Your stall looks really smart – I get a severe case of butterflies on the morning of every event i do. It's great that 'work' can give such a thrill!!Good look with the publishers – maybe sometime soon you'll be revealing your first book (fingers crossed for you!)

  7. Congrats on the success at the Fair! Sounds like you had fun. šŸ™‚ I'm crossing my fingers for the meeting with the Literary Agency. How exciting! I'm sure something grand will come of it. :)xxxx

  8. Was nice to see you and everyone at the fair. Hope things go well with the childrens book illustrations, your work is just perfect for such delights. I agree with the previous comment, I'm surprised you are not already snapped up by an agency.

  9. Hi JuliaThanks for your lovely comments.What fabulous news. Here's hoping you'll be in print very soon as your work is perfect for children's books.Congratulations.Lisa x

  10. Congratulations, you must be very excited, how could they not love what you do, it is all lovely. If I was a children's writer, then I would insist on you! Glad you had more success than me at your Fair. Dev x

  11. Hi Julia, I just drew around the coat hanger(trouser hanger actually) and made it the shape and size I wanted. Don't stitch the hanger in though as you need to be able to take it out to wash the bag when it gets grubby!

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