A New Painting and the Big Blanket

Hello there!
Well, its been a week of completing things! Just this morning I put the final strokes on this latest painting which Ive titled ‘Evening Stroll’ and which is an acrylic painting on a deep edge box canvas (20x20cm).

Im very pleased with it, I love how the fox is skulking through the autumn flowers in the early evening light, and the unsuspecting hens are absent mindedly wandering about in the garden…!

Ive noticed that I like painting scenes that capture that lovely time of the evening, just between the fall of the night and the ebb of the day – crepuscular is the name for it! I like new moons, water, skies and working with ochres and blues on my palette. I find Im increasingly drawn towards nature, birds and animals as subject matter. I still enjoy character work very much though, and I think my next piece may feature some human beings…yes, already there is an idea on the cards for my next painting which Im rather excited about but which may have to be put on hold as Ive been asked by the gallery that stocks my cards (and some of my prints) to send some Valentine’s themed cards asap, so Im going to be busy making those over the weekend.

But…without further ado (insert a tremedous drumroll here folks) – the Big Blanket is finished.

Yes, and oh how delighted I am with it. My first foray into crocheted blankets and already Im itching to start another one! Do you want to see it? Of course you do!! 😀

Here we go….


Just look at all that cheerful hooky gorgeousness!! All ready to snuggle into!!

Its about 1.5 mtr square, its taken me 10 months (on and off) and I love it to bits – I love that its unique, there is only ONE in the WHOLE WORLD!!! Right now it has pride of place on the back of our sofa, for snuggle emergencies and tent building (heartily engaged in by our Small Person with gusto when she found it yesterday morning!).

So there we are – a most productive week in our little house! Im still reading my business books and learning a bit more about the art of marketing and selling, and Im finding it very interesting. I think Ive surprised myself a bit, as that side of things never appealed to me before, but its certainly helping me see that whilst its good to have dreams and goals, the actions are what makes things happen!

Im just going to mention (before I go), a big “Thank You”of gratitude to everyone who comes to my little blog and reads my wanderings and ramblings each week. I started this blog after a friend suggested I do it as a weekly challenge (during a creative dry spot, to give me something to think about). I never thought that I would meet such lovely people through it, and it means such alot to me that you come by and comment and even read the thing!

So! Im looking forward to catching up with your delicious blogs now – its about time I put my feet up under that blanket with a cuppa and trawl through your inspiring posts!! Just the tonic if you ask me!

Hope you have happy weekends, sprinkled with tiny snowdrop discoveries and winter sunshine – chat soon

Julia x x x


33 thoughts on “A New Painting and the Big Blanket

  1. Oh I love your fox painting! I adore foxes, beautiful animals. Although I hope he doesn't get the poor chickens!! Well done on the blanket, looking good. 🙂

  2. Wow and double wow!!!!!! The painting is fantastic – as ever (but I am a bit worried for those chickens!) and the blanket is simply stunning. The colours are so beautiful – you can tell you are an artist just by looking at your crochet!!!

  3. and a BIG thank you to you too for sharing your talent and your warmth via blogland!I adore your blanket and keep scrolling back up the page for another peek. It really is a beauty.

  4. Hi, me again!When your message came through I was just checking back through your blog to see what yarn you'd used!!!My stool is covered in cotton yarns and they are all 'cheap and cheerful' brands (green=Patons, red=Teddy, beige=Wendy) all I could get in Derby (it's rubbish for wool shops around here). x

  5. Julia your new painting is beautiful and imaginative (I am concerned about the chickens though!) Your blanket is striking and very well made. I am going to leave off crochet this year as I made two blankets last year and I want to concentrate on painting. I will email you soon on my progress through the Creative Entreprenur. I have not done much on it this week due to being a bit under the weather what with a cold, headaches and stomach bug!I am so glad that you started blogging. I really look forward to your posts. You are an inspiration to me. x

  6. Hello Julia,I’m in love with the painting and the gorgeous blanket…what a clever lady you are. I really must get on and start making some bits myself. If only I could crochet!!!Love Lou xxx

  7. I love the fox painting, I have promised myself 2010 will be a year I sketch and paint more. And the blanket, well done!LoveLynxxx

  8. Fantastic blanket Julia… you are right to be so proud of it… it's stunning… so many gorgeous colours.. very 'you'!Thanks to you too for writing such a colourful, inspiring blog.. I love to pop by and have a nosey at what you've been up to.Love Yvonne xx

  9. Julia your crocheted blanket is just GORGEOUS…no wonder you are so happy with yourself!Mr. Fox is wonderful, skulking around those unsuspecting hens…loving all of this blue.Have a cheery day!Jacky xox

  10. Hi JuliaYour blanket looks soooooo beautiful, you deserve to be really proud of it…wishing you and your BB lots of happy snuggly moments together :o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxps blanket-mkaing IS addictive, I'm itching to begin a new one too x

  11. Yes, the lovely thing about crocheting a snuggly yourself is that it is highly unlikely anyone else will choose exactly the same colours, patterns etc., so it truly is unique. Love the painting too… and I wondered, are you conscious of things appearing as you paint? What I am trying to say is that the fox skulking and the hens oblivious, was that planned before you started, or as you went along, or was it only when you finished you realised the skulkiness? Does that make sense… probably not! It's gorgeous anyway.

  12. I am totally in awe of your beautiful crochet blanket! I've only got as far as doing a third of the blocks! I am loving doing it, but am such an impatient person, I want it done as soon as the first block is done! So, I have started a few smaller projects like cushion covers to keep the enthusiasm going! Each child has requested a new one for their beds, so at this rate it will take me to 2015 to get them done, but am plodding on, as a newbie to crochet, am totally hooked and growing in confidance. Your paintings are totally beautiful, what a completely gorgeous talent you have! I am totally envious! Have a fantastic weekend! xxx

  13. Julia,What a lovely, lovely post. I really like the latest painting its lovely.And then if that isn't enough we move onto that gorgeous granny blanket. The colours are really you, if you know what I mean. Stunning.

  14. hi julia,oh i am in love with the painting and the blanket! how sweet it would be to lay under the blanket and gaze up at the painting… thank you for your nice words at my place… here's to playing. : )xo lynne

  15. Gosh! I was speechless for a bit there. But now I'm recovering from the Breathtaking sight of that Gorgous Blanket! I just have to say Wow!! and Congratulations !!! Big Congratulations :o) Anyone would just Love to scoop that blanket up and cuddle it, as well as stand back and admire the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L colours. I Love it, I really, really LOVE it.I also Love Mr Fox for the same reasons You do, it is a Magical painting, the light is enchanting and You have captured the sly movement perfectly, in such a pretty landscape too. DOUBLE Congratulations to You!!Such a Lovely, Happy and Exciting post xxx ThankYou so much for sharing these Precious and Beautiful things with us xxxI want to Thank You also for Your very lovely, kind and comforting words on my blog xxx I so appreciated them.Wishing You a Joyful weekend xxxSumea

  16. Hi JuliaThanks for visiting GPB. Pretty noice blog yourself. LERVE that crochet rug. Much to look at here, but it will have to keep until I'm home again next week. Travel travel at the mo.Happy knitting.Loani

  17. I love the painting…wonderful!I'm also very envious of your completed blanket… I've stopped for a while to concentrate on baby goodies…for the forthcoming grandchild..Take carex

  18. What a beautiful painting and your blanket is a dream. Thankyou for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.Rachael XX

  19. Hello Julia!I LOVE your Fox painting. It reminds me so much of a Nickel Creek song called 'The Fox'. The colours are just gorgeous.Thank you for visiting my blog and for also leaving such a lovely message. Jessxxx

  20. Hello Julia!I LOVE your Fox painting. It reminds me so much of a Nickel Creek song called 'The Fox'. The colours are just gorgeous.Thank you muchly for visiting my blog and for also leaving such a lovely message. :DJessxxxBtw, I have already tried to post this message but it didn't seem to work, so I apologise if it comes up twice! Computers are really not my favourite and my best!

  21. Love, love, love the painting and the blanket. (I can't paint or crochet!). Thanks for popping into Cupcake Towers and hope to see you again soon. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

  22. Well, your afghan is colour explosion too, Julia, I love colours and your work is great indeed. Thanks for your compliment!!!Kisses.

  23. Oh my that is such a fab blanket. They are so addictive aren't they. I have started a second one based around a throw in the Art of Crochet magazine. As for the fox picture, I truly love it. We had a fox problem last year and had to put up an electric fence to keep them out after they killed all our hens. We still see them on a daily basis, but the hens are now safe. Do you do prints at all, it would make a lovely gift for my husband's birthday? Dev x

  24. I have just seen your blog for the first time through your comment on my daughter Kate's blog, Greedy for Colour, and I love all you are doing. Your colours in the crochet rug are very evocative of happy memories and I love your painting of Fantastic Mr Fox! I will follow your blog now as I know Kate will too, Aubrey

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