Rainbow Days

Hello 🙂

There is rather an exciting ‘something’ happening in my crochet bag. My gorgeous new wool supply is rapidly becoming a gorgeous Rainbow Ripple blanket (henceforth known as RR). Ive even splurged on a couple of extra colours, a lighter shade of green to balance out the darker olive shade (I wasn’t too happy with it sitting on its own in such a dark manner!), and a bright blue. These will be added to the ripply layers that follow.

Oh my goodness, its so nice to crochet ripples though, after many moons of creating grannies that needed 4 colours or more its a pleasure to glide up and down these little ripply hills with no need for changing wool shade every few minutes. Which makes it quite a fast thing to do, and ulitmately very relaxing (although you must stay on the ball with your counting, several times Ive cocked up and had to undo a whole row!!)

We are really feeling spring here in fits and starts now – starting to notice that the evenings are lighter for just a little longer which is heaven, and then there is an occasional ‘feel’ in the air when the sun shines that makes you suddenley very happy and heart skippy. The irises in my green pot outside the back door have produced their first beautiful flower, and Im called to filling jam jars and the like with outrageously bright tulips!

I can’t choose a favourite flower as I like so many, but these do bring a much needed shot of colour into the house after such a long, cold and dreary winter. Just the tonic I think!

Another necessary tonic in our home is of course, chocolate. Its a staple food here as much as bread and potatoes are!! And how tempting are the shops right now with their shimmering pink and red foil wrapped delights, all dolled up for Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t help myself, two little bags of caramel hearts found their way home with me the other day, I was completely seduced by them!!

I think with the days getting gradually longer, and a chat with a friend yesterday about holidays it was only a matter of time before I got seriously thinking about where we might take ourselves this year. Serendipitously, my copy of Coast magazine appeared with the post (a timely visual treat) and a visit to the library to return the Little One’s book stash resulted in me finding the Time Out book of the Seaside, now thats a nice book to get your hands on – its crammed full of all the best beaches in the UK and the pictures and descriptions are fantastic! Needless to say I am now spoilt for choice, the South West beckons, yet so does the Norfolk coast, the Gower and Northumberland…Scotland looks as wild and as beautiful as the Caribbean in some photographs and the Isle of Wight conjures up some wonderful nostalgia from the time we lived there for a couple of months one hot and splendid summer…

Anyway, as I was flicking through Coast, my eye caught sight of this photograph…spot the crocheted granny blanket in the corner! I love this little room, leading out onto a tiny garden!

Meanwhile, on the art front…

Oh goodness, time is slipping away from me at the speed of sound these days. I am making slow progress at the moment with my painting, although the character is ready in all her guises in my sketchbook. Ive done a couple of paintings of naughty Mo so far, this one is almost finished and the minx is clearly running away from some grave misdeed judging by the crafty look on her face! I just need to tweak a few bits, add a bit more depth and detail here and there and the background needs playing about with too. But you can get the gist of her now I think.

This weekend Ive got a few hours grace to work on these properly, so the images will be all packaged up and heading South in a few days. It’s the Bologna Book Fair in March too, so Ive also got to make a mini portfolio of my illustrations to send to the Agency so they can take some examples of my work with them when they go. I wish I could make myself small enough to travel with them!! 😀

Anyway, Im off to visit a few of your blogs now – cup of tea on the table and a nice chocolate brownie baked by me and the Little Miss! Thank you to all of you who have stopped by, its always lovely to see you! Do leave me a little note if you like and I’ll make sure I pop by your blog to say hello!

Have a magical weekend, filled with sparkling surprises and love!

Julia x


33 thoughts on “Rainbow Days

  1. Yes you can definitely feel Spring in the air. It's great knowing it's on it's way. Your crochet is lovely, beautiful colours! Mo sure looks like a rascal. :)(greenrabbitdesigns.wordpress.com)

  2. Enjoy your tea and brownie! Lovely!Carolyn ♥ps. bring your tea and pop over … I'm having a giveaway on my blog … ends on Valentine's Day!

  3. Wow, Julia your ripple blanket is fantastic. That is on my list for the next crochet project, but I fear it might beat me! Yes, it seems now there are a few peeks of springtime rearing its head! Hoooray that's all I can say! I went to see if they had 'Coast' in my local shop, but they hadn't changed over. I love that magazine, it always lifts me. One day I will get to be by the sea! Until then, I will just have to dream and read 'Coast' to get me through the days! Enjoy the rest of your week and have a wonderful weekend! xxxxx

  4. I did mention to the owner of Created that there was an artist in Sheffield who did lovely work…. and in the past they have had exhibitions/prints for sale – It may be worth getting in touch, as they like to work with UK artisans…Thankyou for the lovely words…Lx

  5. A little madam you wouldn't trust with the cookie jar! Or want to get on the wrong side of by the looks of her! But oh, how I wish I could draw…… you can see my poor pathetic art efforts on the Three R's post just done….if you've a mind, or need a larf!

  6. Hello lovely julia,You always sound like you are filled with the joys of spring,your blog is always a sunny one!!Talking of holidays pop by to my blog,i have some great pics & there are more to come.We have just spent a long weekend on the norfolk coast & it was wonderful,i cant wait to go back again!!I know what you mean about those little choci hearts,a couple found there way under mr h's pillow!! xx

  7. How to explain how I feel each time I see a ripple. I think simply they just make me very happy, the rows of colours and the gentle waves just make the perfect good feeling inside. Your colours look great together. It's coming along really quickly Julia. Lisa x

  8. 'aaaahhhh' the house in Deal (crochet blanket) now that is a very nice place to visit.Love the ripple – oh how I wish I could ripple!!Have a lovely valentines,Nina xxx

  9. Nice to visit your blog!! It's such a warm welcome! your crochet is lovely!! I'm loving the colors. I love color color I get lost in colors and I'm just so happy there. Thanks for visiting me!!

  10. Thankyou Jolia for your lovely comment. Of course I will put your name in the pot. You are so sweet.Have a great weekendRachael XX

  11. What beautiful beatiful handi work, *sigh* if only I was as clever ;0)I do a mean chain though, does that count 😉 Beautiful blog and I adore your pretty photographs, thanks for sharing :0)HugsX

  12. Love your ripple it made me feel like spring, in fact your whole post was rather spring like and that was nice. It has been a grey month so far here in CA.

  13. I know what you mean about feeling Spring every so often! It's nearly here! yippee! I love the blanket, the Sublime yarns are gorgeous & so, so soft. I love knitting with them. x

  14. Your posts are such a tonic Julia. I love your ripple blanket: the colours work so well together. I also love little Mo, the coast image, tulips and talk of spring! Enjoy your brownies with the little one! p.s thank you so much for your supportive comments about my Pak Choi painting and introduction to Frederick Franck. I need to investigate more about him. x

  15. Thank you SO much for the lovely comment you left on my Village blog. It's things like that which brighten my day and keep me going when I wonder why I bother writing when hardly anyone reads!! You know, those odd days of self-pity? PLEASE say you do…..

  16. Hello Julia…It's wonderful to have come across your blog…it's really lovely here. I will be your follower…come by and see me too sometime..maybe you'll want to follow me too…either way, I hope you have a wonderful night.ciao

  17. Hi Julia, just to let you know you have won my giveaway. Can you please email me your address and let me know which gifts you would prefer and also what you would like embroidered on your heart.Look forward to hearing from you.Rachael XX

  18. BEAUTIFUL artwork! And I adore Little Red Riding Hood on the righthand side bar. So pretty.I write for a living, so I love seeing inspirational illustrations… happy I found your blog!

  19. I have just finished my first granny blanket and am building up to a ripple!I quite fancy using some textured wool, for a change.Your ripple looks great already!Clare

  20. Your work is simply amazing and your photographs beautiful. I loved visiting your blog. Visit mine for a free giveaway April 1. I would love that.With all good wishes for your continued success.Pat

  21. What a lovely post to read through Julia, you and I are very much on the same wavelength for sure…I'm currently dreaming of tulips, coastal lovliness and hooky ripples too! I'm teetering on the edge of making a big financial splurge on some DB Cashmerino to make a bright ripple…like you quite rightly say it is lovely and soothing to go up and down whole rows without changing colour…how big is your foundation chain?? Haven't bought Coast magazine for a long while, think I might go and get it and indulge my seaside fantasies…not been to the sea since last August and oh I am craving it!!Hope you're having a lovely wekeendLucexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. So enjoying the riples and flowers and enchanting Mo :o)ThankYou so much for Your kind get-well message xxx I am feeling a little stronger this week and much cheered by reading lovely blogs like this one. Hoping to be back soon.Lots of Love and HugsSumea

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