Teeny Tiny Crochet Heart Bunting

The Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting is finished! And it’s now hanging in my Little Daughter’s bedroom, much to her delight!

As there was a bit of interest in this bunting from some of you, I thought I would attempt a step by step pattern for you to follow. I hope I’ve done it as simple as possible for you. Each heart doesn’t take that long to do either, so its one of those smashing projects that you could probably complete in less than an afternoon.

I used Rowan Hand Knit Cotton DK for my hearts, and a 4mm hook, but feel free to use any other wool/hook size that you might prefer. I like Hand Knit Cotton as it tends to be a bit stiffer than some other wools, and holds its shape well (the colours in this range are also very bright and scrumptious!)

OK, lets begin! You’re going to need to know how to do a slip stitch (SS), a chain (Ch), a single crochet (SC), a double crochet (DC) and a treble crochet (TR) (*Ive added a little ‘How To’ for the TR for those of you who aren’t sure)

The Pattern

Round 1: Make 4 Chain stitches and join into first chain with a SS.

Next, SC 10 times into the middle of the ring as shown below:

Join with a SS into the top of the first SC stitch to finish the round.

Make sure you have 10 stitches to work into for the next round:

Round 2: Next, you are going to do 5 DC into the first stitch, this is going to be the first top curve of your heart and it will look something like this:

In the following 3 stitches, you need to do 1 DC into each.

This is followed by a TR, the bit that will form the pointy part of the heart. For those of you not sure how to do a Treble Crochet, here is a little explanation:

Wrap your yarn around your hook twice and push your hook under the stitch.
Wrap your yarn around your hook and pull back through (4 loops on the hook).
Wrap your yarn around your hook and pull through 2 loops (3 loops left on hook)
Wrap your yarn around your hook again and pull through the remaining 3 loops ~ Voila!! A Treble Crochet Stitch!! 😀

By now, your heart should be looking a bit like this:

Into the next 3 stitches, you need to do 1 DC into each.
Then work 5 DC together into the following stitch. This makes the second curvy top of the heart.

You will see a stitch space (as shown below, where I’m pointing the tip of the hook)…you need to do a SS into this to finish off the heart before securing with a knot.

Round 3: Join your second colour by knotting your new yarn onto the first colour neatly.
Start by making 1 CH into the last SS of the previous round.

To continue with your edging, do 1 Sc into the next stitch.
The next 3 stitches all need 2 SC into EACH stitch.
Into the next 4 stitches make 1 SC into each.

Then do 3 SC into the following stitch which is the tip of the heart, the 3 SC’s will help to make it more pointy shaped.

Working up the opposite side, its a case of reversing the stitch pattern that we’ve just done. So after doing the 3 SC into the tip of the heart, we need to do do 1SC into the next 4 stitches.
Then do 2SC into each of the next 3 stitches.
Into the next to last stitch, do 1 SC.
The last stitch just requires a little SS to finish, and a wee knot to secure.

Be sure to weave in any loose ends at the back!

Here is a brief run down of the stitches for you:

Round 1:
Ch 4,
SS to join into 1st chain stitch.
10 SC into centre of ring
SS to join into 1st SC stitch.

Round 2:
5 DC into first stitch
1 DC into next 3 stitches
1 TR
1 DC into next 3 stitches
5 DC into next stitch
SS to finish into last stitch

Round 3:
1 CH into cleavage of heart
1 SC into next stitch
2 SC into each of the next 3 stitches
1 SC into next 4 stitches
3SC into bottom point of heart stitch
1 SC into next 4 stitches
2 SC into each of the next 3 stitches
1 SC into next stitch.
Finish by SS into next stitch and secure with a knot.

Making your hearts into Bunting

This is really quite easy, and of course the exciting bit that turns all your colourful hearts into actual bunting. All you need to do is know how to chain stitch and slip stitch, and Im guessing if you have got this far with me, then yes, of course you can!! 😀
I started my chain off with 15 CH stitches, this is the part you can use to tie or attach your bunting to something with.
Find the topmost stitch on your heart, and simply SS into it. You might find it a little bit fiddly at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of joining the heart to the hanging chain.
Here’s what it looks like:

Next, CH 4 across and work a SS into the next topmost stitch of the opposite heart top.

I then went on to crochet 7 CH stitches between each heart, but of course you could do more or less depending on the look you want for your bunting.

And here it is, all finished!

I hope you enjoyed the pattern, and found it straightforward enough. I’ve spent a while tweaking it, and re-writing bits so I hope I’ve explained it clearly for you – if there are any parts you aren’t sure on though, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help!

Oh, before I go, a good tip is to spray the backs of the hearts with a little spray starch and then iron gently – I found it helps the hearts to hold their shape even better and you can tweak them into shape if they’re looking a bit too rounded on the bottom.

Much love
Julia x x x

80 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Crochet Heart Bunting

  1. Wow, thank you so much Julia for the tutorial…I shall definitely be having a go…I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! What eye candy! Have a beautiful day! xxx

  2. Oh it's gorgeous and looks lovely in your daughter's bedroom! My daughter has just decided she doesn't like the hearst I painted on her bedroom wall any more, preferring plain black so I don't have an excuse to make these. No! What am I saying? I could make them for myself! Thanks for the demo :o)xx

  3. Oooooooooh thankyou for the tutorial !These are the nicest heart pattern I've seen and I cann't wait to make some :0)Jacquie x

  4. I love it Julia. Thankyou so much for sharing them. I think I might even be able to try them.Take care and keep smiling,Rachael xx

  5. Oh my giddy, greedy heart, your bunting is so divine I now know what I am going to make for my two little nieces this year during the birthday flurry. Thank you SO much, xxooxxooxx.

  6. Julia! Julia! How marvelous is this post….the hearts are terrific, and you share your stitching….!!! thanks so much!so inspiringciao bellacarmelina

  7. Oh my how adorable is that and a tutorial as well – where is my hook and yarn?Thank you for the instructions – right I'm off to get hooky!Nina x

  8. YooHoo! Oh Julia Thanks! I feel some hooky coming on! Thanks this is the perfect medicine for the yucky cold that decided to grace me with her company today… :)Valentina

  9. This is wonderful Julia! I need to go and find some wool and a hook – any wool and a hook just to get started!!! My fireplace needs crochet heart bunting!!! It's beautiful! I bet your little girl is thrilled. x

  10. Great tutorial Julia, and even I (very much a beginner at crochet) am keen to give this a try. Your bunting looks so cute hanging in your daughters room.Jacky xox

  11. They are so cute, just right for a little girl's room. Being a bit bigger, I have just made some larger heart bunting for my workroom, as well as some of the more regular triangular shaped, crocheted also.

  12. I have been lurking around your blog for a while now but just had to say how fab your bunting is I just love it thank you so much for sharing the pattern:)

  13. Hello Julia,I love your blog!!! And your crotchet hearts are wonderful love love!!Good mORNING TO YOU AND THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME. I LOVE MEETING OTHER WONDERFUL ARTISTS. CHEERS TO YOU!!

  14. thank you, thank you, thank you and bless you!!! i'm going to start on my bunting tonight :0)you are so clever! and sweet xxxwishing you the happiest easter weeklots of lovesumea xxx

  15. Hi Julie,this looks great, and I'm going to go home and try this tonight!! Well, I'll feed kids and get them in bed first, but then this pattern is all mine to make!! Thank you so much. I just found your blog, and its very interesting 🙂

  16. Hi Julia, I am back here in New Mexico again! My Dad has made a wonderful recovery and so I have come home to my hubby to get some work done… etc. etc.! I just sent your blog to a friend because it is so enchanting and now I see you have some crochet instruction… so I am definitely going to get my needle out and do some! You are just a joy… really. Reading your blog makes me happy.

  17. Thankyou so much for sharing this pattern,Since my last comment a short while ago I have made one tiny heart for myself,I have put it om my blog with a link to you,mine isn't as good as yours but you've made me dust off my crochet hook after 18 years,thanks again,Julie.xhttp://julie-rainbowdays.blogspot.com/2010/06/something-different.html

  18. Thank you so much! I've just googled "crochet bunting" intending to make triangles and then I found your tutorial. Guess what I'm doing tonight!

  19. Hi Julia, your heart bounting is the most sweet! I'd like to make that, too! Thank you for the easy tutorial!Have a wonderful time!xxx Teje

  20. Hello Julia! Thank you for your kind comment at http://www.tangledhappy.blogspot.com today. Just popped by to have a look and I am so glad I did. I am loving all of your tutorials. Thinking ahead I would love to feature this one in February. Would that be okay with you? Also I'm thinking that little felt tree would be so much fun to make with my girls. Thank you for sharing! I will be following along. 🙂

  21. Hi,I've just made my first heart and wahoo it's turned out just like yours!! I only learned to crochet last year , it's just getting the different stitches in your head. Thanks for sharing the pattern, Lucey xx

  22. HI Julia! Finally close to Valentines. Yeah! I will be sharing your teeny tiny heart bunting at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thank you for letting me share it! 🙂

  23. This tutorial has certainly brightened my day, Julia. Thanks so much for taking the time to share such a lovely, easy-to-follow tutorial. I really like the size of these. Happy crocheting!

  24. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have been searching for days for a heart pattern and this is the perfect size for my project (attaching to granny square gift bags for Valentine's goodies) and your photos and clear explanation made it all work perfectly the first time! Thanks!!Christine

  25. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am a complete beginner and have just made my first pretty heart thanks to your clear instructions and photos. Off to make another now. It's brilliant!

  26. I don't even know how to crochet, but this is so darn cute I'm going to save the link so I can find someone to make one for me or learn how to do it myself. Adorable!

  27. Hi Julia,I have just stumbled upon your blog and love all the crochet goodies 🙂 thanks for posting the pattern on the hearts, I am going to give these a go Kate, tasmania, Australia

  28. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by to leave such kind comments here about the teeny tiny heart pattern. Im really pleased that so many of you are making them – please feel free to leave links on your comments to any hearts you have made, Id love to see more!Julia x

  29. I've managed to make 5 hearts so far! Thank you for this tutorial, it's simple enough for a total beginner like me to follow and the results are so pleasing. I think I've got quite a long way to go before my hearts are as good as your though, but I'm having fun practising. Thanks 🙂

  30. found this via pinterest 🙂 these would be super cute with a sucker weaved in for valentine's day! can't wait to try it!!

  31. found this via pinterest 🙂 these would be super cute with a sucker weaved in for valentine's day! can't wait to try it!!

  32. Love this cute little bunting. I've started one in pinks, red, white and lavender for Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Hi Julia,A while ago, I tried making these with regular DK wool; and although the pattern worked a treat, the yarn I used really did it no favours. Well today, I braced myself, went into town, marched into John Lewis, and availed myself of several balls of luxury DK cotton. I've worked up about four hearts so far, and they've turned out beautifully! It's really worth splashing out on the good stuff to get clarity of stitches. So, in a long and round about way, I'd like to say a big "Thank You" for sharing this with us mere mortals. Best wishes (& "diolch yn fawr!"),Siân

  34. Bunting has become very popular. Thanks for a great tutorial. I’ll be back to look at your site soon. I found you through Ravelry.

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