It’s not a crocheted bag then…

‘The Lantern Keeper’

Well Hello!
I’m so glad you dropped by to visit me today, you see, I have something nice to share with you, of both the painty~arty kind (as you will no doubt have already sussed from the picture above) and something that resembles a woolly kind of Ta~Dah moment.

But first, about this painting.
At this point you may well be wondering, yes but where is the other one, the one with the turquoise blue sea, the stripy jug of big daisies, the red and white polka dot cup…?
Ah yes. That one.

My friends, that particular painting and I have had another altercation. It is a relationship that will run its course until the picture is finished, but its a bit like getting involved with someone who’s the wrong star sign. I keep falling out of love with it, and then back in again – and you know me, I don’t like to rush things and ruin them, so me and the Painting have agreed on a temporary separation, and we will meet up again once I have got over feeling like I would like to hurl it out of the window.

So, I have been busy on an illustrative painting called ‘The Lantern Keeper.’ The idea came to me the other day as I was imagining a little chap of the forest (as you do), who went around in the starry twilight making sure all of God’s creatures were safe and secure in their cosy little homes and beds…and this painting emerged, the Lantern Keeper carefully carrying a small blue butterfly back to its folks in the meadow…

…and this is a line and wash drawing I did of him ~ listening intently there to a little songbird up in the branches of a tree.

It does feel like some time since I did any illustrative work like this. I know you might think that most of my work is illustrative (and yes, I suppose it is as its all very much from my imagination) but my recent paintings have been landscapes of the seaside and boaty kind.

Painting this was lovely, I so enjoy character work and now my Little Egg is in her nursery sessions, it looks like my horizon is going to be dotted with extra hours here and there to invest in more art! Hurrah!! Yes, I’m delighted, but I cannot lie ~ Little Egg doesn’t like nursery. No. Not a jot. Suffice to say, it is an emotional and often difficult time and I know many of you Mum’s reading this will know exactly what I’m on about. Still, we are making slow progress, and that in itself is a blessing.


What was I saying before about a woolly sort of ‘Ta-Dah’ moment…hee hee?!!
Ah yes. Well, remember those Popcorn Flower Grannies I made some time back? Yes? Good.
Do you remember how I was going to make them into a bag? Yes?

Well I didn’t.

Isn’t that just like me? I must confess, I had a couple of really quite nice ideas for a bag, but on Saturday I went to York and somehow a new flowery velvet CK messenger bag came home with me (how that happened I have no idea) so I decided to put Plan B into action with those little squares the other night, and look what I made instead!

Ladies (and Gentlemen, if indeed there are any of you reading this) ~ The Popcorn Flower Granny Cushion!!

I confess, I am utterly in love with it.
I also crocheted a nice little buttony edge onto it, as well as using a huge granny square I’d made ages ago to make the back part of the cushion.

Would you like to see it with all its brothers and sisters?

Ahhh, alright then 😀

Of course there is only room for one person to sit down on our sofa now, but hey-ho! Can you see my Rainbow Ripple on there too? It’s not finished yet (not far to go with it) but I couldn’t resist road testing it with all the other cushions and blankets for this picture. I admit I went ever so slightly delirious at all the colourful hooky goodness in front of me just then! I had to sit down! And it suddenly popped into my head as I sat amongst all that crochet that I’d promised to show you how to join those colourful squares. Well, I will endeavour to do a wee tutorial for you in the next few weeks, so that you can make your own bags, cushions and blankets from your Popcorn Grannies.

Would that be fun?
I have to say here and now in case any of you are wondering about a pattern for that cushion, is that I didn’t really make one. It was a bit like the bolster in that it kind of happened of its own accord, although I could probably create a pattern if enough of you were interested, at least a rough guide to making your very own Popcorn Cushion.

So, with that, I will get on with some more drawing.
I have to say very quietly at this point that I am going to be launching some limited edition hand illustrated Christmas Cards very soon (see how I whispered that so you wouldn’t get cross with me for saying it in September?). They will be up for grabs first to my dear Mailing List subscribers ~ that is one of the nice treats that those dear souls get from signing up you see, so if you would like to be amongst the first to see them and indeed get your hands on them, why not sign up for my little e-newsletter here?!

I hope you all have warm weekends, sprinkled with crisp autumn walks and cosy moments!

Much love
Julia x x x

45 thoughts on “It’s not a crocheted bag then…

  1. Wow! Your sofa looks fab! Love your new character too – and the role he is playing.Isn't it wonderful having a bit of time to yourself again?!

  2. You've been a busy bee haven't you?I'm just a wee bit excited at the idea of you doing Christmas cards, very happy I am a subscriber.x

  3. Painting and cushion are both gorgeous. I wish my husband didn't think cushions were so unnecessary and girly … they're not welcome on our sofa apparently. I wonder if I did one in manly tones, whether I would get away with it. There's food for thought!

  4. Ooooh I love your cushion! I really must make more cushions. Funny you mentioned crocheted bag as I made dd one the other night out of the practice ripple piece! I must get pics and put them up. Yes I really think I need to make another cushion… x

  5. Aw I love 'The Lantern Keeper' not only because it's a gorgeous illustration but also because of the little story behind it and how he looks after the little creatures, beautiful! :)Great cushion too!!All the best with the little one, hopefully things will sort themselves out soon.Vivienne x

  6. Your blog is always wonderful to read you are so clever and your drawings are so sweet. Hope the trial separation works!! As for the cushions they are so colourful – what a shame that CK bag came home with you – but it would have been very rude not to use it!!!Jillx

  7. You've got a bit of a powerful, yarny collection there. Looks so cozy. Everyone should have a sofa like that with some yarny love in. It is just the most homey feel you can get. I mean, what exactly is a sofa without a crocheted pillow? Right, N-A-D-A! Nice artwork too. You are a great inspiration!

  8. ooh I lvoe your new character he reminds me of eldest sweetpea 🙂 Hope your little one settles in soon, mine starts soon and has suddenly turned clingy so that will be fun – NOT! Fun times. Loving your cushions – gorgeous.

  9. A beautiful blog post, with photos and pictures for which to feast our eyes on.The lantern keeper, is lovely, could you not turn him into a childrens book?I like the colours on your crochet cushion too, I'm really getting into all these vibrant colours I'm seeing lately.Thanks too for popping over to my blog and commenting 🙂

  10. Oh that line and wash illustration is adorable. And the cushion – very impressed.I hope the little one settles down soon, I know how tough to leave them when they're upset. x

  11. Oh Julia what beautiful illustrations. I lurve your new cushion, the colours, the way it's put together, just gorgeous. I've just started crocheting and am slightly in awe of the crochet work of my fellow bloggers. I'm having issues with a granny square cushion that won't behave. Sigh.Thanks for sharing.Anne

  12. Your 'Lantern keeper' is so cute and I particulary love the line and wash drawing of him! Also love your crochet cushions ….. if only I had the time!!Julia:0)

  13. I went out and bought my first crochet hook yesterday. Thank you so much for your inspiration.My first "little egg" is now 18 and I can still remember how he hated nursery. It will get better. 🙂 x

  14. I love the lantern keeper! You have a wonderfully creative imagination Julia. The crochet cushion has so much dimension to it and looks plump and comfy!x

  15. Oh Julia, what a lovely post to lift me on this dark, wet morning! I ♥LOVE♥ your cushion, The sofa looks so scrummy and inviting. It's lovely to be surrounded by colour, it does amazing things for the soul!Your Lantern Keeper is simply, totally,utterly and completely amazing. I love the illustration, the idea. Gosh, if that was a book on the shelf I would snap it up right away and make it a staple in little bears book list!I am sorry little egg is still not settling into Nursery. It can be such a difficult time for them, but also for mum too. I hope it eases soon so you can begin to enjoy your free time all the more!Much loveVanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. I love the little curl on the top of the Lantern Keeper's head…he is so lovely, you are clever.And of course the crochet is gorgeous in its colourfulness and making you want to just squidge in between it all with a nice warm cup of something and a book to read.Hope Littley gets used to nursery soon. I remember what it was like leaving a teary child at school, even though it was almost forty years ago!

  17. Love the lantern-keeper, love the crochet on your sofa! My sofa is slippery leather so nothing ever stays on there, unfortunately.

  18. Julia, I love your little lantern guy – his is positively fabulous. A kind of chap that could melt your heart.And I love your multi coloured crochet sofa too – who'd of thought – popcorn cushions. Perfect to snuggle up to watching a movie.Have a wonderful weekend,Nina xxx

  19. Oh, that sofa reminds me of a rug my grandmother gave me! So wonderfully colourful … And I love your Lantern Keeper. Delighted to have found you.

  20. I love all of that colourful, hooky goodness!!! Your sofa looks amazing. I just want to plonk down on it with a nice cup of peppermint tea and a good magazine!Great, happy post as always…hope Little Egg is settling into kinder. Jacky xox

  21. Julia, how I wish that I had your talent for painting (shame on you for not doing lessons anymore). I think that I might have to re-decorate one of my rooms so that I can incorporate one of your pictures. Hope you are well – Natalie x

  22. Gosh! Creativity overload! Your illustrations are lovely, I really admire you being able to take a picture from your imagination and put it down on paper.As for the crochet cushion it looks so snuggly and I could just fancy a little power nap! lol.

  23. Ooh, I'm a bit late here! Your little lantern chap is so gorgeous Julia. Absolutely beautiful. Oh for just a little of your talent…sigh x

  24. Hi JuliaThanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad you like my work. I love your watercolours..I've had a good look through all your old posts because I'm very nosey!I don't know how we have missed each other until now as a lot of the comments are from mutual 'friends'. I can't reply directly because you are a 'no-reply' blogger.

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