Oh Felty Christmas Tree!


I couldn’t resist popping in today to share this little tree decoration we made with you all.

This morning, Little Bean woke up full of cold, coughing and spluttering so nursery was cancelled.  Dosed up with Calpol, the temperature subsided, and energy levels seemed to return to normal!!  Quickly bored, I decided that we ought to make the most of the wild squally weather and make something festive (I know, I know, it’s only November…)  Anyway!!! We came up with this, I have seen something similar in shops, and wondered if we could make our own with a stash of gorgeous thick felt (purchased last year from the delightful Blooming Felt – highly recommended for great quality felt goodies and smashing customer service).

(the stash)
SO! Without further ado, Little Helper was settled at the table and drew a template from a ramekin on a piece of card.

Grown up Helper then proceeded to cut a circle out, drawing around it onto the felt, before slightly decreasing the size of the cardboard circle and continuing…I probably should have used a compass for a perfect circle, but we went freehand, and to be honest, I kind of like the wobbly hand made effect it gives!!!

(drawing ever decreasing circle templates…)
After a while of drawing and cutting, we had a suitable pile of felt discs that made a rough Christmas tree shape.  Oh, and we also cut out a star for the top.

Next thing we needed was a little stumpy trunk for the base of the tree.  We did this by cutting a long slim rectangle of pale fawn felt, rolling it up and sewing the edge to the main part of the roll…

After securing the sewn edge with a knot, I then neatly weedled the needle through the ‘trunk’ popping it out at the opposite end in the centre.  This is where we would begin to join our discs.
Between sniffles, the Little Bean had a fabulous time with a blunt needle, sewing through the dots I’d drawn onto the felt to help her.  She was most excited to be using a Big Persons Needle for the very first time, and I must say, she did an excellent job!

I finished the tree off by sewing up through the star – this felt is very thick so it was easy to do this, I then made a small knot to secure and left a length of cotton so we could hang our tree up!

I’m now debating raiding the daughter’s Mister Maker box for some tiny rainbow coloured pom-poms to use as baubles, but I’m not sure…for now though, I think it looks grand!

I was really hoping to share pictures of my new painting today, but alas, with a little one in the house, working on a painting is impossible – however, I’ve been inspiring myself with my surroundings….

…and sketching seed heads regularly…I do love the sculptural silhouettes they create against a bright sky!

Leaving a painting is generally a good thing however, as I’ve learnt over time; it gives me space to look at it, see parts that need attention, or bits that need adding here and there.  For now though, Im happy with how it’s progressed and am itching to get stuck in again!!

I’ll share some more work in progress pics with you soon.

One more thing before I go…last week three lucky ladies were the first to comment on my Pay It Forward post…I have left comments on their blogs so I’m hoping they are aware of this, however if not, would you lovely souls named below please get in touch with your addresses, so I can mail a little something out to you in due course to keep the PIF love a-flowing!!

Twiglet (I think I have your address from before)
Lhia from The Rainbows Zen
Hello Gorgeous

Righty-ho!! That’s it for me, I’m off to make a nice cup of lemon tea and a browse through my new mag (Country Homes & Interiors, its a lovely one this month!)

Sending love to you, Julia x x x

71 thoughts on “Oh Felty Christmas Tree!

  1. Oh I think it looks lovely just as it is, but – sorry….how about a cinnamon stick in the middle – it would smell all lovely and festive too.Little Boo is unwell too – thank gawdness for calpol! Hope your little one feels better soon.Nina xxx

  2. this is just FABULOUS! I love it…can just see them popping up all over the palce ready for chrimbo! ;o)well done little one! xhugshello gorgeous xxxp.s. thought I'd emailed you re address, off to check and send subsequent email if not! ;oO

  3. I love your wonderful felt Christmas tree! I bought some of the thick felt from Blooming Felt earlier this year and it really is thick! I'm going to use mine in a magazine project soon. If I had more colours in stock though, I'd be very tempted to make a tree…Enjoy your week.Helen x

  4. I think that is one on the most adorable tree decorations I have seen. Great idea. Hope the little bean is feeling much better soon. Though am looking forward to seeing what other crafty delights you get up to should the cold linger. Hugs to you all,RachaelX

  5. Lovely & what a clever little bean too….I am off work poorly too – perhaps I could poop round, I'm sure some crafty time would make me feel oodles better soon!Lx

  6. What a lovely thing to do together. It is so much nicer to use quality felt too isn't it? I hope you get a chance to catch up on your painting soon. x

  7. Hi JuliaOH MY WORD !! How feltabulous is that ??!!! I'm so pleased to see my felt stacks being used so beautifully ! I'll pop a link through to your post from my site if I may ?And now …. I'm off to make a felty christmas tree !!Hope your little one is feeling much better very soon Sarahxxx

  8. I've seen these in the shops Julia but your is so much nicer :0)Lovely to share some craft with your daught on a rainy day.Jacquie x

  9. Oh that is so gorgeous, I want one! It's so beautiful just as it is, I don't think you need pompoms.I hope little bean is feeling better soon, colds are no fun for little ones – but at least you got to do something lovely together, x

  10. I have read 4 blogs in the last 15 mins and each one has pictures of things I am doing at the moment but haven't had chance to blog about hehe! I have made some trees very similar to this but in greens and reds and star shapes rather than circles. I LOVE yours the colours are gorgeous and the fact that you made it together makes it even more perfect xxx

  11. Love, love, LOVE the Christmas Tree – so so cute 🙂 I don't have any thick felt but I'm already racking my brains as to what I ca use to make something similar!

  12. Love that tree! A perfect crafty project for my "Ants in the pants" 6-year old boy that I never seem to be able to craft with. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hello lovely Julia! How are you? What a wonderfully creative time you are having! I Love your cards to bits and the felt tree is completely gorgeous! What a fab idea. My head is whizzing at the moment with so many make ideas it's driving me crazy, and this is such a busy month where I cannot get a huge amount done, it's really rather frustrating. I do so love your gorgeously inspiring blog….always gives you that warm snuggly, happy feeling!I hope little bean has perked up and back to form. Thank heavens for Calpol!The sun is poking its weary head through this morning, hope it is for you too!Have a wonderful day!Love Vanessa xxxxxxxx

  14. Smashing tree! got a copy of Country Homes and Interiors today and have enjoyed reading it and looking at the christmas pics.Love your artwork.

  15. Your colourful stash looked wonderful! That's a great idea of making a little christmas tree with the felt. November too early for christmas? There's so much to be done I think you're very sensible starting early. Goodness knows it comes around quickly enough! ;)xx

  16. Oh! I am totally in love with your little felt tree. Kirsty's right – you'll always remember the day that started with fever and ended with this gorgeous decoration. Thankyou so much for visiting me over at my new blog and leading me back here. I will be back here again, most definitely.

  17. Love your tree…just yummy. The colors couldn't be happier and have inspired thoughts of a new granny log crocheted blankie… XOXO Ursula

  18. Just seeing your felty tree again makes me drool. I really need one- will have to go and get some chunky felt- the stuff we have stashed here just won't do!Thanks for lovely comments over on Magicbeans- you would be able to make SUCH a good painting from that amazing view. I almost want to send you tons of photos so you can start one. It is so so beautiful and the Solway Firth and England in the far distance- fab. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.Ooo, that tree. I want one…Ax

  19. Hi Julia, what a fantastic idea the Christmas tree is gorgeous! Felt is such a good material for making Christmas tree decorations. Love the scenery pics too! 🙂 Sarah

  20. Hello! This is the most wonderful Christmas tree I have ever seen!!! Thank you for showing, I put it defenetly in my 'to do list'! Always so enjoyable to visit you!Best wishes Teje

  21. this is a wonderful idea!i am definitely inspired to make some of these cute little treesthank you so much for sharing the how-to xxwishing you lots of seasonal happinessamelie

  22. I wanted to stop over from Sew Mama Sew to tell you how cute this little tree is. I just know my Granddaughter would love this little tree.

  23. HiI just hopped over from Craft Gossip to say I love this tutorial, the little tree is so cute. I can't believe I haven't read your blog before as I live not far from you !!Lovely blog!!twiggy x

  24. I followed a pin to your site – I just bought a bunch of thin felt and wanted to make some trees as ornaments I might try this instead ! Thanks for the idea.

  25. I was wondering what thickness your felt was. There are several different thicknesses of wool felt out there and your certainly looks wonderfully stable. Thanks in advance for providing any info on this.

  26. Absolutely darling!!! I really live the simplicity and colors together! Lively job and how cool you did this project together!!!

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