How to Crochet Sea Pennies


Today I’m going to share a short tutorial with you on how to crochet Sea Pennies!

I’m using Rico Creative Cotton and a Number 4 hook for mine, but you can use any wool and hook to get different sized Pennies (which is a nice idea for a chunky winter scarf methinks!).
The Pennies are really quite easy and created here using 12 Double Crochet stitches (US) and I’m sure some of you have already worked out how to do this, but anyway – here goes!

Let’s get started.

Make a loop with the yarn as shown above in the picture.  We are going to be creating a Magic Circle so that there is no hole in the centre of our Pennies.  
Leave a tail end of yarn about 4-6 inches long.

From the ball of yarn side, wind and secure the yarn as normal around your fingers, then take hold of the loop between your thumb and middle finger.

Take your hook and push it through the centre of the loop, pulling back a loop from which you will crochet 3 chain stitches.

So – recap – hook through the centre of the loop, pull through a loop then chain 3.

Then, into the centre of the loop, DC 10.

*Make sure you keep hold of the tail end of yarn with the loop bit of yarn when crocheting your stitches, don’t leave it flapping about in the breeze or you won’t be able to tighten the ring at the end to make the hole disappear.  Look carefully at the photograph below to see that the tail end of yarn is together with the loop part within the stitch.  (I do hope this makes sense).

Pull the tail very slowly to close the hole, then slip stitch to join the circle together.  With the slip stitch you should have 12 stitches around your penny now.  Finish off and choose yarn for next penny (sew in ends ~ laborious yes, but does give a better finish.  If you’re time strapped or just don’t want to sew the ends in, simply snip your yarn off).

Below is a guide for joining your first row of pennies together, and then how to continue with the rows you create beyond this.

So, first row of pennies:  Make your next penny.  When you get to your 6th DC in the loop, you will need to join this stitch to the 6th stitch of the first penny (just count 6 around). 

To join as you go you will need to complete your 6th stitch on your current penny and insert your hook underneath the 6th stitch of the first penny.
Pull the yarn through the stitch (2 loops on hook)
Pull the second loop through the 1st loop to secure, like a slip stitch.
Continue with the rest of your DC into the loop as described for the first sea penny.  Finish off as before and choose yarn for next penny.

You will carry on in this way until you have a first row of Pennies from which to start building your work.  The photographic instructions that follow are for Row 2 and beyond, where you have to join several sides of each Penny to the other existing Pennies.

You should at this point have 10 stitches on your ring (1 ch of 3 and 9 DC).  

(For the sake of simplicity here, I’m going to pretend that I’m crocheting my second row of Pennies for you, and the dark teal and light blue pennies in the picture which I’m joining to are the first two Pennies on my first row. Just ignore the others in the picture for now – I promise it will make life easier for you 🙂 

To join your newest Penny to the first row, you need to take the first two joined Pennies on the previous row (the light blue Penny and dark Teal Penny), count around 3 stitches on the light blue Penny from where it joins the dark teal).

Push your hook down under the stitch.

Pull the yarn up through the stitch – bit fiddly but do-able (2 loops on hook) and then pull the second loop through the first loop on your hook (as a slip stitch) to secure:

Next, do ONE DC into the middle of the Penny loop:

You are now ready to join the new Penny to the dark teal Penny of the first row.  Again, count three stitches around from where it originally joined to it’s pale blue neighbour on the right and push your hook down through the stitch:

Pull the yarn up and through (2 loops on hook) and pull the second loop through the first loop on your hook (as a Slip Stitch) to secure.

Then do 1 DC into the centre (12 stitches total) of the new Penny.
Take the tail end of yarn and now gently pull it until the hole closes up tight like shown here:

It’s easier to close the hole before finishing off.  Once you have done this, search out the 3rd stitch of the chain you first made and slip stitch into this to join the circle.  Finish off in your usual way with a knot and then sew in the ends.

If you are making a triangle shape like I am for a shawl, you will need to repeat these instructions exactly to put a penny on the corner here:

When you need to start joining 3 sides of your new Penny to 3 existing Pennies like so…

…you will do it more or less the same again, except for the very last part – there will not be a DC to do after your final Join As You Go stitch, as you will have already completed this:

First Join As You Go stitch onto bright blue Penny, followed by a DC into centre (11 stitches)
Second Join As You Go stitch onto light blue Penny, followed by a DC into centre (12 stitches)
Third Join As You Go stitch onto turquoise Penny, followed by tightening the centre of the circle up, and SS to finish in 3rd Chain of first Chain. 

It’s absolutely fine to do it like this and won’t make any difference to your Pennies.  After your last Join stitch, pull the circle closed and then join the circle together with a Slip Stitch as described above.


So – are you with me so far?  Does it make sense?  I do hope so, I’ve read through it all several times and fingers crossed I’ve got it right, but as usual do get in touch if you are struggling please!

Enjoy making your Pennies, and please share links to any crochet work you create using them won’t you, I’d love to see what you have made.

Sending Crochet Love out to you today!
Julia x


64 thoughts on “How to Crochet Sea Pennies

  1. Your shawl is looking really beautiful and very effective xox Thanks for sharing your tutorial, I daren't start another project quite yet but if I do make a sea pennies shawl I'll be sure to let you know xox

  2. Hi Julia! This is going to be sooooo adorable! Thank you for showing how you make it! I think I could make this also with my thin yarn because pennies are small!Have a lovely time! xxx Teje

  3. Thank you for a most comprehensive post about the delights of Sea Pennies. However, this pupil must be a dud as I. STILL. DON'T. UNDERSTAND. Sorry. But they are beautiful pennies and I do indeed love the seafoam colours and wait in anticipation for the finished article to appear on your blog. And we want it modelled by its creator please. Ax

  4. these are very pretty, thanks for showing the how-to! I think I may try them, I have an idea that's been floating in my head & I haven't found the right pattern to use, this hopefully will be it!

  5. Wow very clever and such a clear tutorial. I have not crocheted for many years but I could follow that! Mind you I'm not sure I have time to start yet another craft beside my card making,jewellery,and and …!! and oh nearly forgot…. going to work!LOL.Thanks for a lovely post.Jane x

  6. I only found your site a few days ago, courtesy of Lucy at Attic24. Your Sea Pennies are just stunning, I love the random effect. Keep the posts coming, I can't wait to see it finished!

  7. Hi Julia,I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog through a friend's blog "Places Where Grace is." She told us about the heart bunting. I'm a fairly new crocheter, but I have about ten hearts made. I LOVE YOUR WORK! I cannot wait to try to make the sea pennies. I just love it. I'm so glad to meet you! Cindy Bee

  8. You make it look so easy. I can crochet granny squares with no idea of the technical names so do not for the life of me have a scooby what patterns mean. YET I am determined to learn!!!Ahh Rico cotton… chose lovely colours.xx

  9. I accidentally saw a photograph of your Pennies and I LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing the tutorial, I want to make them once myself.

  10. Hi Julia, I just found your blog through Pinterest. I can make the sea pennies fine but, I'm having a hard time getting the first row started. I can't read patterns but I can follow your picture tutorial. Could you please show me how to get started. Thank you, Olga

  11. Hi Julia,I am new to crocheting and have been dying to try this! I am able to make the first penny, but wasn't sure how to start the next one. Is it connected to the first or do I need to make a separate (2nd) one and then join as described in the directions? Thanks so much!xo,Elizabeth

  12. What a lovely crochet pattern 🙂 i'm currently working on a similar design, only with tiny squares/diamonds instead of circles. i love the patchy effect and the way something big grows out of each tiny little piece. Your colour scheme is lovely too – very serene. I just discovered you from another blog (Here's looking at me kid) and I'm going to enjoy looking around at your other projects x

  13. I just started working on this, but I have no clue what to do with the string that you use to tighten the penny… it's just hanging there! I don't want to cut it because I'll will unravel. Please let me know! (!

  14. I am new to crocheting and I don't know how to start the next penny to the first one. Can you give me some direction…I really want to make this as a blanket, I have a new niece/nephew on the way and would love to give this as a gift

  15. I understood your instructions for making the sea pennies. Thanks. I was wondering is you could post a picture of what it looks like when you join the first two pennies. For some reason I am getting a little hole in the first penny. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.thanks

  16. Please, Please, Please put this on UTube, so we can see you do it. I really want to make this for my future grandchild :)Thanks, Cindi

  17. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put this on UTube so we can see you doing this. I realy want to make this for my future my grandchild 🙂 Also how would you modify it to make the shape round? Thanks, Cindi

  18. I'm in the same place other people are. I can make the first sea penny but do not know how to continue. Please post something so we can continue. Thank you!

  19. These are adorable–thanks so much for sharing them! One quick question–with a chain 3 and 10 DC, that only makes 11 stitches on the ring, not 12…where does the last one come in? Thanks again!

  20. I am new as well at crocheting. Have you been able to answer the question as to whether or not the first penny is disconnected and then attached to the second one? I am slightly confused. Thanks for any help!

  21. I have searched everywhere trying to figure out what to do with the string you use to close up the circles, but I can't figure it out 🙂 I'm new to crocheting so any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!Great tutorial! Understood it and found it very simple! Thanks!!

  22. Gorgeous! I'm thinking of doing this in white and off white . .wait, would that make them "snow pennies" then . .???

  23. Hi Julia, just found your blog and am so inspired ! Thank you……I am following you now !!love and hugschris richardsxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. So glad I came upon the link to your blog on Facebook today! Love the tutorial, too…I will be trying this technique. Thanks.

  25. Hi Julia! This is such a gorgeous project. The colors you used are amazing. I would like to feature it on Let me know if you might be interseted. Thanks! ~Bridget

  26. loved your shawl.
    I too am an artist, author and Mum.
    I live on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, I sew, Knit and crochet,patchwork,paint,draw,cook and love life.
    Creating something is giving part of yourself, its wonderful 😀

  27. quick question…. what do you do with the ends? the tutorial didn’t address the two tails; the tail of yarn at the beginning of the penny, and the tail of yarn left at the end, when you’ve finished the penny.

    is there some way of crochet-ing them into the penny, so that the we don’t have to go round at the end, sewing in all the ends?

    cheers, Sue

    • Hi Sue, thanks for your question.

      I’m sure you could probably crochet in the ends as you go if you try, however, I did actually sew them in as I went along. Sewing them in as you go would involve holding the tail of the yarn so that you kind of crochet over it and trap it – Im sorry if this doesn’t make much sense (without pictures it’s a pretty tough thing to try and describe). Good luck with your crochet project, and thanks again for getting in touch.

      J x

  28. Hi Julia!
    I’m an editor for a site called AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns. I simply adore your crochet sea pennies and was wondering if you would be interested having the tutorial featured on our site. I love the colors and design!
    Please contact me if you are interested.

    Thank you!!

  29. Thanks for the time you taken to give us this wonderful tutorial. I am inspired to make a pillow cover for a beach theme! You can even add a thin thread of sparkly thread here and there for some interest.

  30. Hello!!beautiful pattern. I’m a little dumb n can’t figure out for the life of me how tothe joining bit. What do u think if I tried sewing them together?

    • Hi Nujhat, you could sew them yes, but hooking them as you go is quite easy once you’ve got the hang of it – you just need to put your hook under the stitch you want to join to, wrap yarn around hook, draw through stitch and pull the new loop through the loop on your hook (one loop left on hook). I hope this makes sense; check out the tutorial photos too, as a guide.
      Best wishes, Julia x

  31. Hi, I absolutely love this pattern. I’m fairly new to crocheting, and it was so easy to pick up on. I was wondering what type of yarn you used and what the colours were.

  32. Thank you for your tutorial – with very clear pictures. I hope to give this a try soon. I’m thinking straight for a shawl or scarf would be fun and easy.


  33. Just love your work. I have been away from my crochet for awhile, but these pennies really do inspire me to get back to it and also finish two projects I started awhile ago. Love your combination of the seafoam and white.

  34. Hey Julia, So I am having som difficulties with the pattern. I am a beginer and I have been trying to get the hang of this but it is not working. I have my first penny, but I have a loop from where I did my slif stich, and I have the penny still attached to the ball and my tail, and I do not know what to do with them. Is there any chance you have a video made that you can share with me. I really want to do this for a few baby blankets. Thank you so much.

  35. Love it!
    Thanks for the tutorial. Very clear! I do have a bit of crochet experience, so I expect that some of the others are just having a hard time with knowing the basic stitches.

    I started sewing my daughter a yo-yo quilt years ago and never finished… this is a great crochet version that looks much quicker and with the same pretty look! Thanks!!

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  37. A beautiful design, & it’s now on my never-ending list, but what I really love is the clear explanation on how to do a magic ring. First time I’ve been able to understand it!

    Thanks so much!

  38. Very lovely design. I really do understand it all. I assume that you weave the tails in and around the pennies after they have been attached. Thank you for sharing your sea pennies.

  39. Hi
    It’s so difficult for me to understand how to join the circles,
    Do you have any video tutorial ?for this patren?
    It is very very beautiful !!!
    Hop you have video I just can’t wait
    Thank you

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