Taking Time Out


We had our first camping trip of the year last week; we pootled down to Adam Henson’s Farm for a few days with a group of friends and it was a complete tonic.  The sun shone everyday in a bright blue sky, peppered with cotton wool clouds and it was HOT!  There were barbecues, tractor rides, rare breed animals, new lambs being born, ice-creams, football games, laughter… it was a heavenly break.

Adam’s Farm is in the beautiful Cotswolds, rolling fields of brightest green and zingy yellow undulated as far as the eye could see.  Our last evening was bright and clear and we sat outside our tents until after dark with the candle lanterns flickering, watching the satellites silently travelling the starry sky and listening to a fox barking in the woods.  There were shooting stars and the air was warm and still.

I thought to myself how good it was for the soul to switch off from Real Life like this.  To be away from televisions and computer screens, the chores and the day to day responsibilities.  Life had been pretty full prior to this trip and I had been feeling pretty worn out and run down, it gave me some space to think about doing things differently for my family in order to keep us all happy and healthy.  All we had were the basics: camping equipment, warm sleeping bags, a kettle, some good food and good company, countryside, nature and wide open skies.  It was all that we needed.

What can be nicer than waking to the sound of skylarks calling above, seeing the sunlight streaming through the fabric of the tent, and making a cup of fresh coffee to drink in the warm morning air?  There is something deeply satisfying about walking through the dewy grass of a long field to go for a wash with the little one, past tall pine trees where golden light casts long shadows across the pine cone strewn ground.  Hearing the bleating of newborn lambs in the field, the sounds of nature, breathing in delicious gulps of fresh country air…

I resolve to camp more – we need to be able to come away from our day to day surroundings in order to refuel and revive ourselves.  I always return home with a renewed sense of possibility; bursting with new ideas for paintings and new projects.  And coming home, there is the delicious feeling of climbing into a real bed; there are all the home comforts to welcome us back ~ rainbow crocheted blankets and cushions, my books, my paints.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter.  I will be posting the Gallery Page for the April theme of Being Creative on Saturday, and you are welcome to add links to pictures of your work on either Flickr or your Blog post, or add your thoughts about the theme in the comments section.  There are lots of people taking part now, and if you would like to join in yourself you can find out more by clicking the link in the sidebar, or the tab at the top of the page.  There has been some wonderful work emerging in the Flickr Group, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you are going to share.

Sending love ~ thanks for visiting today, it’s always a pleasure to know you’ve stopped by.
Julia x


21 thoughts on “Taking Time Out

  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed the lovely weather. His farm always looks so beautiful on the TV. Hope you get to enjoy some camping again soon.

  2. Take my advise and camp as often as you can whilst your little young is young – it gets a bit impossible when they are older – but not old enough to be left home alone. Adams farm sounds lovely – I think he is a wonderful chap. You picked a great weekend weatherwise too. xxxxx

  3. It sounds so blissful, Julia! It's true that a break like that really makes you feel refreshed and energised. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time and are feeling much better for it. Helen x

  4. We love camping and have done so with our children from a very young age. They are now slowly going their own way and my love and I got to camp together again last year! We are so looking forward to this year's holiday! Life in a tent is so much simpler, I find. I hope you get to use your tent often. Enjoy!

  5. I thought about you camping when I saw Adam on Countryfile on Sunday, having remembered you saying in an earlier post that you were going there. It sounds idyllic… if you love camping. 'Fraid I've never been a fan, though give me a shepherd's hut, a gypsy caravan and I'd be happy – a bit higher off the ground suits me best!

  6. "A renewed sense of possibility"…love those words. Actually, I loved every single word you wrote. Your creative talents are endless…including the written word. A lovely description of your time off! I almost feel refreshed myself after reading it! Thanks for all you do to share with your readers! Hugs, Annette

  7. I think it was a bumper weekend for campsites. My favourite thing about camping is the simplicity – limited cooking options, no cleaning.

  8. There seems to be such a romantic ring to the name 'Cotswolds'..I have no idea what the name means..but it looks delightful!

  9. The camping sounds dreamy… I can almost forget for a moment that I'm in the midst of yet another gray, foggy, misty, windy rainy day. Thanks for the happy visions and cotton wool clouds! :)))))

  10. Hello Julia! Your camping trip sounds wonderful and relaxing! I'm happy for your to be able to enjoy country side like that! Have a lovely day! xxx Teje

  11. I used to feel renewed when we went camping. Glad you had a good time. It's always a pleasure to read your posts Julia. x

  12. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos – they were refreshing to look at. Camping is the best kind of holiday, but camping in good weather is heavenly.

  13. Your trip sounds wonderful. A tonic I think I could do with right now. Although it has gone a little windy up here don't you think? I really want to go camping again but I reckon little lad is just a year to young so maybe next year. x

  14. How lovely to be camping down there. I come from that part of the country and it really is beautiful.I am going to visit family in a few weeks.

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful time Julia, so glad you enjoyed it no end and have come back recharged and refreshed! Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

  16. Thanks to everyone for stopping by to leave such nice comments, I have read each and every one, and feel very grateful that you take time to visit and write, sending loveJulia x x x

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