A Free E-Book for You

I had a great idea today.

To make a little E-Book, with some of my favourite and most popular crochet tutorials in it for you!!!

It was one of those ideas that couldn’t wait.  I had to get it done pronto or it would become one of those ideas that kind of dissolved and turned into a hazy memory if left, one that never got completed, and so, while the idea was fresh and exciting, I put it all together.

I decided to call it, quite simply ‘Colourful Crochet’.  Because that is exactly what it is.

This little E-Book is completely FREE, available to read online (click on the pages to enlarge the text) or to print off at home to keep.  I’ve chosen the following patterns which I know alot of people have enjoyed using:

Garden Flower Mobile Phone Pocket

Popcorn Flower Granny Squares

Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting

Chunky Crocheted Bowl

Toasty Mitts Arm Warmers

So, after oodles of writing and outpourings of excitement and creative energy; here it is!  You will also be able to find this book on the Free Goodies and Tutorials page (tab above) and in the sidebar.

Please feel free to spread the Crochet Love and share this with your friends and family.  I’d love to think this little book is going to travel far and wide and I do hope you enjoy it!

Next time:  Seaside sketches and paintings!

Mucho love
Julia x


39 thoughts on “A Free E-Book for You

  1. how kind what a wonderful idea, thnx julia! I have been wanting to make a phone case! I will post this link on my sidebar too.Heather x

  2. Just had a quick flick through the book and was very impressed with your idea and your generosity in sharing it – you are clever!Thank you x

  3. Hi Julia , this is so clever and a great idea. your technical skills are obviously as good as your crochet abd painting :0)Thank youJacquie x

  4. I've just found your bblog and its very inspiring, i might even try to to crochet, something i have always said i cant do because i.m left handedliz x

  5. Brilliant idea, I will definitely be trying out some of the patterns, the heart pattern will be my first! and I will post this link on my blog for you.Jillx

  6. Thank you so much for all your THank You's – I'm really delighted that you like the book :DThanks also to those who have posted links on their own blogs, I LOVE that this little book is being shared with others! Thank You!Love Julia x

  7. Morning Julia – and a massive thank you for sharing your stuff! I'm off to my friends jane's for my first crochet lesson today (bit too excitedly) so I'm gonna be knocking out that heart bunting at a rate of knots (or more likely nots!!!)fee x

  8. This is lovely Julia…I am going to print and save your little e-book for when I finally learn to crochet….Hopefully this Summer!….Thank you for sharing..love your colourful cushion…..Susan x

  9. What a kind generous thing to do! A really super e-book it is too. It inspires me to want to learn to crochet….I just did the basics as a child and sadly long, long forgotten!Jane x

  10. Wow how fantastic, Julia! and I have just learnt how to crochet too so it's perfect timing for me – thank you sooo much!!Helen x

  11. That's really nice – hope you start up a trend! Lovely to have them all in a single book. What a good idea. Thank you!

  12. Erm…that should of course said generous! p.s. I love your paintings and currently have one of your prints sat in my living room and I hope to get more when my funds are looking healthier! Debby

  13. Thanks soooo much Julia! It's a lovely and a very generous treat for us all. Have a lovely weekend!Pati xx

  14. Thankyou for your generosity Julia.I understand what you mean about having to do something straight away, before the idea just evaporates out the window..There's a lot of that goes on here ;)CheersFi

  15. Hi there, i was just doin a bit of blog hoppin' and i found your blog site, and i think it is just peachy, all yummy and colorful, great E book idea 'by the way'.Pixie

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