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Hello to you all!

I must confess to writing this post with more than a little excitement.  I have been featured in the gorgeous Handmade Living magazine – yes, little old me!!  Oh my goodness!!

I knew that there was going to be a little mention in the August edition, but the poor people in the magazine aisle of the supermarket didn’t, and I think (according to my other half) I squealed rather loudly upon discovering The Page:

There’s my painting!! Woo~hooo! 😀

It was a really lovely surprise to see that, and a really lovely write up too.  Also mentioned were my friend, designer Kirsty Elson, (you can just see pics behind my flash of her fab driftwood cottages there), and Nina who blogs about coastal living, over at Tabiboo.  If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on this magazine yet, it’s well worth it – there are some excellent projects of things to make and do.  But don’t let me spoil it – go out and grab yourself a copy!!

Oh ~ and if you like the artwork that was featured, you can bring a little piece of the coast into your home with your own seaside inspired print ~ signed, titled and gift wrapped…and you can get it here!

So, a couple of posts ago I promised you some crochet news; such as updates on the Japanese Flower scarf…

…which is almost (but not quite) finished!  In fact, I’m wondering if to keep on adding and make a triangle style shawl, or just stop at 3 rows and have a long, wrappy type affair instead.  I think the wool stash will have a major role in this decision as I don’t want to be spending too much on lots of new yarn (as yummy as it is) so I guess it will stop when the wool runs out!

This is a rather short-ish post today, as I have much to do and so will be back again soon with some more art to share with you, and hopefully some WIP photos of the crochet shawl/wrap.

Thanks for dropping by today, and one more thing before I go – thank you very much to everyone who took advantage of the One Day Art Sale – I do hope your pictures have arrived with you safely, and that you’re happy with them!

Right, I’m off – really!
Love to you
J x


25 thoughts on “Handmade Living

  1. Yeah – I've been waiting for August's edition to pop onto the shelves.A super duper dedication to the seaside – well done you.Nina xxxxx

  2. How exciting! That must be such a great feeling. I'm pleased for you all (and I happen to follow all the blogs mentioned, so I must have good taste then, haha!)

  3. Congratulations Julia! your painting looks really lovely on the page. I would have squeeled in delight too if I'd been in your position!xx

  4. Congratulations Julia, I love that picture it's one of my favourites. Do you know where I can get some pictures framed?

  5. Dear Julia, Congratulations! That is really wonderful to get your lovely work known for more people!Your flower scarf is going to be beautiful and so unique!xxx Teje

  6. Wonderful news, Julia! I adore this picture of yours and it looks great there in the new mag feature! I will be buying a copy tomorrow! Well done!Helen x

  7. Congratulations! What a lovely achievement. You must be so proud, delighted and happy. Your art is inspiring and I will try and grab a copy of this magazine.

  8. Congrats on making it to the glossy pages of a magazine! YEAHH!I just wish i live a little closer,as i suspect I won't find it in my grocery store magazine section! Happy day to you!! :))))))

  9. Congratulations on the article, your painting looks fantastic in print! The scar is looking great too! 🙂 x

  10. What a fantastic feeling it must have been to see your painting in the mag – how did you manage to not run around the shop waving the mag and shouting 'Woo-hoo. Look everybody. This is mine!'Well done!

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