Things to come

Hola my lovely!

I wanted to write a short post about my new site, and what you can expect to find here.

If you have been wondering where the free tutorials have gone that were available on my old blog,  I’m packaging them into PDF’s for you for easy download, and you’ll soon be able to access these from a brand new page tab up in the top right corner there.

I’ve also been asked where the Being Creative Project has disappeared to; it’s going to be reworked into a brighter, shinier and happier Project for you, and will be launched in the not too distant future.  If you’re a participant, you can still find the Flickr Group open for business and you can continue to post your pictures there for now.

One thing I’ve discovered on my journey as an artist is that I’m passionate about helping people live a creative life and as well as sharing stories, tools and experiences here, I’m also going to be creating some exciting products ~ things like new e-books, kits and courses.  (I’ll also continue to blog about my life as an artist and crochet freak just in case you were wondering  :D).  It’s so important to me that I reach out and help people; I know that there are people out there who are afraid to start, who are scared to follow their dreams or believe in themselves.  I’ve been in that place myself, and it’s one of my dreams right now to share what I’ve learnt with others, to pass on the tools and the experience to help them begin living a life soaked in colour and wonderful experiences.

What I’m working on right now ~

I’m in the middle of creating a hand-written and illustrated guide to Moving Through Stuck – this is a gloriously colourful Playbook and tool kit for people who have trouble navigating the difficult parts of their creative path and will really help to shift the blocks that we all come up against and get folks back into their creative flow again.

If you have any questions about the new site or what I’m up to, then please drop me a line (use the Comments on this post, or the Contact and FAQ’s page above).  There are still quite a few things to be tweaked here, such as getting my RSS feeds sorted out and such like, but so far, it’s all coming together just lovely.

See you soon,

A New Beginning


It’s been a long time coming but I finally migrated my little Blogger blog over to it’s brand new home at WordPress!  I’m really liking the change (I hope you do too) and while it’s not completely finished, it’s ready enough to open up to you dear souls 🙂

And I’ve missed you all!

These last few weeks have been so full.  I’ve been working on a huge commission painting and alongside this there’s been some big life changes a-happening too.  There have been shifts and changes that came about unexpectedly – one of the biggies was that my literary agent called time on our contract.  I felt a deep disappointment as I read the letter she sent to me, but I’ve since come to the conclusion that where one door closes, another will open.

I was speaking to someone about this, about what had happened and they said:  Ah well, just one of those things.  No point being down about it.

But that was just the problem.  On top of a whole heap of other stuff that May chucked at me, that Letter happened and I did feel down about it.

You know, so many of us don’t get a chance to acknowledge how we feel about stuff.  We’re taught to ignore or bury our feelings, go to a quiet corner of the house and have them where nobody else can bear witness to them.  I really believe that in order to move through and on from a difficult situation that we have to sit with and acknowledge those feelings, no matter how hard.  Once we face them, they seemingly transform and disappear.

May has been a month of moving on, of relationships altering course.  Like huge ships we navigate our way across sometimes smooth, and sometimes stormy seas.  These last few weeks have brought many storms and despite feeling wearied by some of them, I also feel much stronger.

It is a huge relief, and a massive accomplishment to finally move my Blog here.  I’m looking forward to sharing lots of new things with you as well as familiar tales of yarn and art.  I also hope to grow this website into an online guide for living a creative life, full of resources, tools and kits for fulfilling your own creative dreams.

I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

J x